Goodbye, 2022

  1. Got to work for Girls Who Code as a teaching assistant for their virtual summer intensive program, coordinating virtual classrooms with 40+ high school girls working together to learn how to make websites. It was a blast and I made some great friends. I got invited to go back as a lead TA for the summer of 2023 but I unfortunately had to reject the offer because I was also offered a summer position elsewhere.
  2. Coached the new robotics club at my daughter’s club. It was chaotic and none of us knew what we were doing, and it’s hard to get 6-9 year olds to work together but we managed, and ended the year with a fair so the kids could showcase their work to their parents. It was such a hit that we’re doing it again for the 2023-2024 school year.
  3. I ditched my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I am a little surprised at how much I don’t miss them, despite how much I seemed to rely on them when I was still active.
  4. I lost 20 pounds after starting intermittent fasting. My hope is to lose another 36 this year. It should be enough that I no longer have to shop in the plus-size section, which is really the only reason I’m trying to lose weight at all. Clothes shopping, while not as miserable as it was in my tweens, still kinda sucks at this size.
  5. Ada started reading, and her interest in it has exploded. I learned that she spends about half her day at school reading, and recently she has started to read small chapter books to herself at night, on a tiny Kindle we bought for her. I hope this trend continues. I told her I’ll say ‘no’ to toys more often than not, but books and art supplies will always be a ‘yes.’
  6. A lot of education-related jobs have fell into my lap these last two years, and I’ve realized I may have finally found a career path I can be content with. Between my ADHD and my extremely wide variety of interests, trying to pin down a hard career role has been a nightmare. Anyone in my life who knows me well can tell you how flaky I am on the surface. I pick up and drop hobbies constantly and have changed majors more times than I’d like to admit to. But teaching has been a safe place for me to be a passionate generalist, and working with elementary-aged kids has turned out to be a lot funner than expected. It led to me signing up as a classroom substitute at my daughter’s school and it’s been an amazing experience.
  7. BOOKS. So many books. You can see my year in reading on Goodreads.

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