On vision boards and manifesting

‘Tis the season for goal-planning, new years resolutions, words of the year, and vision boards. Got Austin Kleon’s newsletter today and he talked about this thing called Dead Week (a term he borrowed from another writer): that bit of dead air between Christmas and New Year’s Day where you’ve done what you’ve done for the year and don’t have fuck-all else to do. Responsibilities go out the window and the rules don’t apply anymore, and one can break them with impunity. Itt’s a liminal space, a no-man’s-land. So what I thought about doing is working on a vision board of sorts. I was especially intrigued by this version done on index cards.

I thought this would be a really cool thing to review every morning before I plan my day out, to remind myself why I’m doing whatever it is that I’m doing: the habits I’m trying to build and the goals I decided to set for myself. It’s really easy to lose the thread and get off-track, and I think a daily reminder could help a lot in keeping my eye on the prize, as it were.

I find the whole idea of manifesting really hokey. I do, however, think there is some sort of power in writing out your weirdest, wildest dreams on paper. I don’t know what it is, though. It feels pregnant with possibilities, somehow. Maybe it’s simply the relief of acknowledging the things I want out loud, instead of letting it float around in my head, vague and without any density.

Anyways. The index cards. She talks about being able to cycle out cards that are no longer relevant to you as time goes on, or keeping in cards with things that probably won’t change much from year to year, if at all (thinking specifically of things like a card with your values or beliefs written down, for example); it’s a living document of your dreams that you can change as you do. Lefie made an update on her vision board index cards to show the benefits of this fluidity.

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