Writer’s Blood

I got my hands on my first bottle of fountain pen ink. Up until this point my main writer has been a LAMY Lx, and I’ve always used LAMY ink cartridges in it because it seemed so much more convenient. But last Christmas my husband bought me my second fountain pen, a TWSBI mini fountain pen in white/rose gold…but it doesn’t take cartridges. It’s a self-filling plunger-style pen, which I had no idea was even a thing. Got a bottle of this lovely black-red ink aptly named “Writer’s Blood” so I can finally give this baby a whirl.

I admit I was nervous because my notebooks of choice have always been Moleskines, and supposedly they don’t handle fountain pens well…except I’ve been exclusively using a fountain pen in mine for the past 4 years with no issue. Maybe this ink & pen combination would finally break my lucky streak?

…nah, this shit is gorgeous. Look! No feathering. No bleeding. Minor ghosting, which is pretty much unavoidable in Moleskines but has never been a deal breaker for me. And that color! This ink is made by Diamine, and was chosen by /r/fountainpens over on Reddit. Both Goulet Pens and Amazon stock this color, if you’re interested.

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