Diary: Dec 2020 to May 2022

My most recently finished diary: an expanded dot grid Moleskine (Moleskines being my preferred notebook for years now). Weapons of choice were my LAMY Lx fountain pen, a pocket Pentel brush pen, and The Antiquarian Sticker Books. It’s labelled Vol I, in honor of rededicating myself to writing on a regular basis. I started it in December of 2020 and finished up in May of this year.

I adopted Austin Kleon’s ritual of establishing a guardian spirit for his notebooks on the front page. I misremembered the term he used those and instead created a patron saint. I’ll stick with it. This one is being watched over by poet May Sarton.

This was my plague diary, but COVID had such little effect on my own little family that I don’t know that I wrote about it much. Life went on pretty much as usual for us, being that we’re all homebodies and loners. My husband switched to working from home full-time, and that was about it.

This notebook started out as a combination bullet journal/diary; there’s a hefty mix of todo lists, workouts, diary entries, shopping lists, and even notes from my database class. It’s interesting to see how I went from very delicate, tight cursive, to the chaotic swirls of my brush pen towards the end (right around the time that I started really digging into Lynda Barry’s work, now that I think about it).

This was also around the time that Ada started feeding therapy; we had been on the waiting list for almost a year before we finally got to start. There was a lot of anxiety: about her weight (she was very thin and had not gained weight in awhile), about my own weight, about my relationship with food and my body and how that was or was not rubbing off onto Ada.1

Ada made frequent contributions to this notebook, including this cake and an amazing cake-related joked she insisted I document for her. Not a bad way to finish off this diary. On to the next!


1 Since feeding therapy started, we’ve seen some small changes. Ada has introduced chicken nuggets, yogurt and apples into her diet. It might give you an idea of just how extreme her picky eating is, if you consider the fact that this is typical food for kids her age! She is also more willing try things, though most of it gets spat out.

  1. I’m so happy to see a post from you, Jenny! I love the idea of having a guardian spirit for your journal – so clever. Austin Kleon is such a genius. So glad to hear that Ada is expanding her food choices. I hope it opens up a whole new world for your family!

    1. With Twitter’s future looking a little iffy, I decided maybe it would be best to stick with writing in my own space, so I’m happy to be back. We’re really excited about Ada trying new things, too!

      1. I’m following the Twitter news from afar and think it’s very wise to find other places to settle into. What an awful transition!

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